Dr. Saad Saad: Treating children who have swallowed objects


As a parent, one has to fear about the security of their children. This is so because children always hurt themselves while playing and sometimes accidents do happen.

In some cases, young children usually swallow objects that may choke them or lead to other injuries. However, parents can reduce these risks that can cause harm to their children by taking precautions. It is also essential that the parents visit the hospital with the kid in the case of emergency.

Dr. Saad Saad is a doctor who has specialized inpediatric medicine. He is presently based in New Jersey. During his career course, Dr. Saad helped over 1,000 kids ranging from 6 months to 14 years. He has excellent advice for parents on how to help their children after they have swallowed foreign objects.

It is common for kids to swallow objects because of their curious nature. For kids, they have to put everything in the mouth to taste any object they come across. While putting the objects in their mouths, they may swallow them intentionally or accidentally.


It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that there no small objects that the kids might want to swallow.

In the case that a kid has swallowed a foreign object, the item often goes through the esophagus into the stomach without problems.


However, some incidents, the object might bring severe problems if it gets into the windpipe or trapped in the esophagus.


Several signs indicate that the kid has swallowed an object and experiencing some discomfort. For instance, the kid will experience wheezing as well as difficulty in breathing. In addition to this, the kid might be unable to swallow including gagging or drooling. Trapped objects may also make the kid experience throat or chest pain. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:  


and https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


Big objects usually get trapped in the esophagus while smaller ones get stuck in the windpipe. Some of the objects that kids usually swallow include batteries, coins, hot dogs, and peanuts. The first aid that a parent should perform if their six years and younger have swallowed objects it to hold the kid upside down.


By holding the legs, tap the back of the kid, and the object will come out. In a case where the kid is more than six years, the parent has to stand behind the kid and trap the kid’s waist with some pressure to the abdomen in a process called Heimlich maneuver. The process will force the object to come out from the throat.


If the object cannot come out, immediate medical attention should be sought. A medical practitioner have the necessary tools needed to remove a stuck object from the esophagus or the windpipes. One of the essential tools is the endoscope.


Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:  https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/175114/Dr-Saad+A.-Saad-EATONTOWN-NJ.html


Unique Opportunity for Social Workers, Psychologists and Many Others at Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers work with individuals to create a training program that specifically addresses their mental health concern. The exercises train the brain to work more efficiently and become stronger to aid in the relief of the symptoms of a variety of concerns like ADHD, depression and sleep disorders. Careers with the company enable the professional to help others in a meaningful way while also enjoying the benefits of a rewarding career. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The potential opportunities at Neurocore include positions that enable people to introduce prospective clients to the programs, those that assess the needs of clients and others that stay at the side of each client throughout the process. Employees at each center keep clients engaged in the process and act as advocates for their clients through their professional behavior and enthusiastic encouragement.

Employment with Neurocore includes a mix of traditional employee benefits as well as valuable extras. Employees receive health, dental and vision care insurance, paid time off and matched 401K plans. Employees also qualify for a variety of discounts on gym memberships, hotel stays and wine and gourmet food clubs and much more.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/company/neurocore-

Employees have the option to use Neurocore training programs for themselves for free and receive discounted services for their friends and family. The ability to personally experience the improvements the programs offer will help each employee to confidently explain to clients how these services can help them to overcome their own neurological or behavioral disorders.

One of the most valuable benefits of working with Neurocore is the quality of coworkers that make up each team. The company seeks out the most professional, capable and ambitious candidates for each position to ensure that the clients always have the best support team. The result is that everyone working at the company meets exceptional examples of the types of people working in their field. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

JD.com A Leading Retail Shop In China

JD`s Research Lab

JD.com collaborated with Ying Wu College that’s under New Jersey Institute of Technology in establishing a research lab. Chinese Academy of science through Institute of Software also joined the establishment of this research lab. These collaboration aims in providing leverage and the necessary resources as blockchain technology ecosystem, to ensure continuous development and promote blockchain industrial applications. The primary objective of the lab once completed is to provide remedies to challenges that limit the expansion of blockchain in the technology field. Visit This Page for additional information.


The chief executive who will oversee the progress of the research lab will include;

  • Dr Jian Pei who is the head of a supply chain.
  • Dr Qiang Tang who is an assistant professor in Ying Wu College of computing.
  • Dr Zhenfeng Zhang a chief engineering assistant at ISCAS.




 JD.com is the leading online retailer in China with more than one hundred partner warehouses. The company markets its products both online and offline across China. JD. Com benefits its partners by providing them with an opportunity to use JD`s reliable delivery system on its E-commerce website. JD`s supply chain is being upgraded by a giant in e-commerce known as JD. Com who invented a “JD Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solution”.


Cloud-based supply chain solution aims at;

  • Empowering Jingdong Mall’s own logistics network which supply about 90 % of orders in at least two days.
  • Ensuring that partners foresee the inventory demand and supply accurately thus planning the warehouse layouts efficiently to save on space and time.
  • Outlining how JD`s Retail as a service strategy can create more successful businesses as well as how to improve the services offered to the customers.
  • Providing years of experience in national supply chain management by various companies including Juzi business where Jiechun Huang is the General Manager.
  • Expanding business facilities by attracting more customers and ensuring that more orders are fulfilled in one day.


JD put more effort into ensuring that all their products are of high quality. The company sells all type of goods including food, electronics and cosmetics which they deliver nationwide in the shortest time possible.


View source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-retailer-jd-com-turning-its-logistics-network-into-broader-delivery-service-1539833400


Nick Vertucci And His Passion For Real Estate Investment

There are. Few men who are exceptionally good at succeeding in investments, with real estate being one of them. If you are looking to get your foot into the game, why not get you a guide that will help you make it happen. Nick Vertucci has a book called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” where he reveals everything personal on a quest to be wealthy.

A book of this magnitude can help anybody that has a mind for investing. Of course, you would have applied any strategies that are offered so that you can be victorious. Not only that, you have your own reasons for wanting to be successful and there is nothing wrong with that. Have the best life issues is within your grasp and Nick Vertucci has the advice and wisdom you need to make it happen. This will be hard work and you do not want to be found giving up on your goals. Nick Vertucci makes it clear that playing safe is not the way to go. With any type of investing, there are always risks involved. You just need to be wise and trust in your instincts that everything will come out the way you man.

Real estate investing can be can be a bit tricky sometimes. You have to know when to go for certain investments and when to leave one alone. If you read the book by Nick Vertucci, you will find out how he got it done and what it took. He gets pretty candid about his struggles and his passion. Yes, Vertucci’s book can help you as to whether or not you are cut out for such an endeavor. It is worth reading if you really want to see yourself moving to a better position in life.

Wes Edens – Turning Rag Investments into Riches

Wes Edens – Turning Rag Investments into Riches

Wes Edens is a huge reason why Fortress Investment Group is one of the biggest investment groups in the investing market today. He has a knack for investing, as he was active in subprime lending in 2010. Wes Edens is a paper billionaire, with Fortress currently investing about $3 Billion to funding private railroads in Florida and he is also taking a majority stake in an English soccer club called Aston Villa. He is also one of the co-owners of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, a team that has not won an NBA Championship in more than half a century.

When asked why Mr. Edens takes on financial situations that seem like they would be failures instead of successful business, he simply said that he wants to “see things for what they are, not how other people see them.” Mr. Edens thinks this is a personal strength of his.

When he co-founded Fortress in 1998, Edens made his fortune. As of today, he is still the CEO of the company and they are one of the biggest private equity funds to go from private to public. Going public gave Mr. Edens a stake worth of about $2.3 billion. When SoftBank purchased Fortress in 2017, the purchasing price was about $3.3 billion. This meant that Mr. Edens had a 40 percent profit over Fortress’ pre-announcement value. He has also created a profit for himself when he bought a majority stake of Springleaf Holdings, Inc., a subprime lender that he purchased in 2010. He cashed out about $124 million for the lender. After working some of his investment magic, at last reported in 2015, Springleaf Holdings, Inc. now has a value of $3.5 billion.

Wes Edens does have his critics, though. Many of them made complaints about the latest project he began for the Milwaukee Bucks – building a new arena. Critics have made very critical statements about the way that the structure of the arena is designed. Many people who have seen structure say that it resembles a giant taco or even President Donald Trump’s hairstyle. However, even with all the negative criticism he has heard, Wes Edens still focuses on the greater good for everyone, hoping that the new arena will help to further grow the economic revenues of downtown Milwaukee. Wes Edens and Brightline: The Future Looks Brighter for South Florida Commuters

Working Out And Maintaining Balance Is Important to Ryan Seacrest

Every morning Ryan Seacrest wakes up and starts a solid routine that gets him set for his day. Recently he moved to New York City from Los Angeles. This was enough of a climate shock that he understood he needed to keep some stability in his life. He is constantly on the move in his career life. Ryan Seacrest hosts Live with Ryan and Kelly and has a nationally syndicated radio show. Ryan is also involved with his clothing line and produces Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This sounds busy enough but Ryan is also a host for American Idol and is always jet setting from coast to coast for work.

Stability in Ryan’s fitness routine helps keep him balanced. He wakes up and puts on his favorite athletic clothes. His outfit pretty much consists of running pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie if it’s cool and his favorite shoes. Ryan prefers running outside through the park rather than inside a stuffy gym on a treadmill. The fresh air is exhilarating and invigorating. When Ryan (@RyanSeacrest) isn’t outside running he is going to be found in the gym working with his personal trainer. When Ryan and Kelly host in destination locations he will often fly his trainer with so that he can keep up with his strict fitness routine. One of Ryan’s favorite activities is boxing and the peloton bikes. These keep him alert and in shape.

In addition to the fitness routine Ryan also keeps an eye on what he consumes. His morning starts with a fresh cup of matcha tea because of all the health benefits it offers. After he has completed his tea he will then move on to coffee. Ryan’s meals are unique and delicious. He is mostly vegan but enjoys lengthy and well planned meals. He also enjoys a good bottle of wine from time to time. Seeking balance in his 40’s helps Ryan stay centered and focus. When he is feeling his best physically he is up for any mental challenges he may face while at work. Ryan’s also involve with his philanthropic work thru his foundation. Get in touch with Ryan on Facebook.

Instagram: instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Leads DAMAC Property to Industry Domination

DAMAC Properties Company is one of the largest property development firms in the Middle East. With more than twenty thousand apartments under its ownership and over forty-five thousand units which are in different phases of the establishment, the company has an unmatched reputation in the industry. The company is praised for the completion of one of its most recent ventures that involved the development of the International Golf Course that was designed by the famous Tiger Woods and is operated by the administration of the United States President Donald Trump. The company has also partnered with famous international fashion houses like the Fendi Fashion House and the Versace Brand in the development of some of the most luxurious apartments with interiors designed by these brands. DAMAC is also responsible for the development of luxury villas that were styled by the Bugatti Brand and the Paramount Resorts and Hotels that were developed through collaboration between Paramount Pictures and DAMAC properties. The success of this company is attributed to the hard work of its founder and Chief Executive Officer; Hussain Sajwani.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a famous Emirati Billionaire businessman and entrepreneur. Sajwani was born in the year 1952 to a father who was an entrepreneur and a mother who was a homemaker. Sajwani attended the University of Washington where he got his degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering courtesy of a government scholarship in Emirati that sent outstanding students to study abroad. From a young age, DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has had hard work in his DNA.

Upon completion of his studies in the United States, he went back to his country and started working in the finance department of a company in the Gas Industry. A couple of years later he decided to start his own business venture. He started a catering business that served the US military as well as the Bechtel. He later started developing hotels in the Middle East to accommodate the influx of businessmen who were coming to invest in the booming markets in this region. The success of this venture led to the development of DAMAC properties.

Twitter: twitter.com/hussainsajwani?lang=ar

JD.com Keeps Getting Bigger And Better


There have been numerous complaints from environmentalists about the negative impact that plastic has on the environment. More and more companies are coming forward to help ease the problem by either using recyclable or degradable products. This is following a global cry for companies to begin using eco-friendly packaging systems for their products. One of the numerous companies that are actually heeding to this cry is JD.Com.


JD.com recently launched an eco-friendly packaging program with the aim of promoting sustainable consumption. With this initiative, the company has begun using reusable packaging’s for their parcels that are either in small or medium sizes. Through Green Stream Initiative, the company is not only playing a huge role in the conservation of the environment but is also set to save a lot of money that is spent on the development of the packages.


What the company is doing is that it is offering their clients the choice between returning the packages and actually paying for them if they wish to keep them. This is through a new billing system. So far, this program is aimed at three major cities in China including Beijing. However, the company intends to extend the program to more than twenty cities by the end of the year 2018. By doing so, JD.com becomes the first e-commerce company to actually employ eco-friendly systems. Visit This Page for more information.


JD.com’s New Research Center

In other news, JD.com has recently launched a new research center in the city of Xiongnu in the State of China. This center which goes by the name Urban Smart Logistics Institute is meant to pay keen focus on the urban logistics systems, hubs, designs, clouding systems as well as logistics computing platforms and much more. This project is being done through collaboration with major learning institutions and other major corporations in different parts of China.


About JD.COM

JD.com is an e-commerce platform that was founded by one Richard Liu. It has grown from a platform for the sale of magneto-optical products to one of the largest retail companies in China. The company has its headquarters in Beijing China but runs businesses in several countries around the globe mostly on the continent of Asia.


Learn more about JD.com on https://boards.greenhouse.io/jdcom

Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and Founder of the DAMAC Company

Hussain Sajwani is the chairman and founder of the DAMAC Company, a leading real estate development company in the United Arab Emirates. The company is ranked as the fastest growing company in Forbes ranking in the year 2017. In the same year, Hussain Sajwani was listed number four among the most prosperous Arabs in the world, having a net value of $ 4.1 billion.

The real estate tycoon was born in the year 1952 by his conservative middle-class parents in Dubai. His father was a small-scale retailer and sold watches in the family shop. It is from this family business where Hussain worked in his childhood that he developed inspiration as well as entrepreneur spirit. He desired to get a good education, and luckily, he qualified for a government scholarship to study in the United States after being chosen in the first batch of students who were to benefit from the free learning. Sajwani pursued his bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Economics and graduated from the University of Washington.

After graduation, Hussain joined Abudabi Gas Industries where he worked in the finance department in the year 1981. He gave services to the firm for two years before resigning to start a catering business which flourished within a short time. His main clients were the Bechtel construction company and the United States military, and for those who don’t know, the catering business is still operational as Global Logistics Services.

In the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Real Estate Development Company which experienced tremendous growth and has a name to reckon in real estate development in the Middle East. A giant company in real estate today, DAMAC has developed more than 19000 properties since its formation. Also, the organization has seen the establishment of over 44000 units in developmental stages. The company was publicly listed in 2015 and is today trading in the Dubai financial market.

According to Alkhaleej.ae, some of the landmarks the company has developed include Tiger Wood Design Golf Course managed by trump organization, Bugatti luxury Versace as well as Fendi Luxury Apartments. At the same time, DAMAC in conjunction with paramount picture developed the Paramount Hotel and Resort.

Get more information: https://www.damacproperties.com/

Victoria Doramus – Journalist

Victoria Doramus is a journalist and entrepreneur with experience working in media, communication, and advertising. Doramus has a bachelors degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado and has participated in efforts for charity. IdeaMensch recently conducted an interview with the individual, starting off by asking the question of what trends excite her. The trend that excites her is the evolution of technology and how it has created a positive influence on health as calories, sleep, blood pressure, and more can be tracked via an Apple Watch, along with a device that tracks it for animals too like dogs. One trait she believes that makes her productive as an entrepreneur is planning as she carries around a to-do list that is created and reviewed before bed and likes checking things off the list instead of seeing it on a screen.

Some advice she would give to her younger self is to have the confidence to believe in the vision and plan. Victoria Doramus also understands that avoiding failure is inevitable although was able to learn from her mistakes and reflect on it. The entrepreneur is invested in her iPhone X, but in apps specifically such as Postmates and Cavier. Another application called Pink Cloud helps out when finding the location to AA meetings. Doramus believes in the power of technology and sees the good in it, instead of all the bad that can arise from it. Victoria Doramus states that she truly only reads non-fiction memoirs for the most part as it can be very reflective and helpful along someone’s journey, aside from it also being true. One of her favorite quotes is a simple one that states, “if you spot it, you got it.” It is a quote that explains that anyone can improve along the journey and that people need to do that.