Orange Coast College:

*Orange Coast College Examined:


Orange Coast College is one of the most popular transfer colleges within the US. Orange Coast College is a Community College located within Orange County California. The school currently has about 25,000 students both full and part time.


The school colors have always been blue and orange. The school colors were determined when Orange Coast College first opened in the fall of 1948. There are some general admission requirements that all students must meet in order to be accepted at the college. For example, student must register for either the advanced course of study or the vocational course of study. College counselors can meet with those considering attending Orange Coast to help them with their career choices.


*Orange Coast Rowing Team:


Orange Coast College has had an athletic department since the school first opened. The school has a rowing team that gave rowers the opportunity to participate in the 12th National Title. The 12th National Title gave students the opportunity to compete against some of the best 4 year colleges within the nation.


The National Championship was held in Gainesville Georgia in May 2017. Seasoned rowers from Orange Coast had the exciting opportunity to thrash through Newport Harbor at approximately 25 miles per hour.


This event was exciting and you could certainly hear screams of eagerness and positive energy coming from many of the Orange Coast College rowers. The boats cover over 2,000 meters as they continue to strengthen their physical and mental abilities through this competitive sport.


One student commented that it is not always about winning but simply the thrill of being able to participate in such a wonderful event.


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How The Founder Of Talk Fusion Addressed HuffPost’s Rebranding

Talk Fusion is a Brandon, Florida company that was founded by Bob Reina. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company and a notable philanthropist. The flagship product of Talk Fusion is Video Email which is an app that can be used to send an email to others email inboxes. This app is commonly used by businesses to market their products as a video is a compelling advertising medium.

Not long ago, Huffington Post rebranded itself to HuffPost. Bob Reina posts articles on this website and one of them, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” went up just the day before this rebranding took place. Not long after the rebranding, he posted another article, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters”.

The Editor in Chief of HuffPost is Lydia Polgreen. She said the change of name was done in order to move forward its new mission which is to bring more people into the national discussion. Bob Reina finds this new mission compelling and plans to be a part of it both as an article contributor and through his role at Talk Fusion. Talking about this change at HuffPost, he said that he also wants more people to find success regardless of where they’re coming from. He also helps people through his philanthropy. Learn more:

Talk Fusion has a number of apps that it sells in both the United States and internationally. The apps are sold through Talk Fusion Associates who are independent contractors working from their own home-based businesses. Talk Fusion’s apps are now used in over 140 countries around the world. As a video is the most engaging and memorable form of advertising companies are increasingly incorporating it into their online marketing efforts.

Talks Fusion was founded in 2007. In addition to Video Email, there is also Video Conferencing, Sign Ups, and two other apps. Collectively these apps form an all-in-one solution for companies to market their products and services to consumers. Some of the proceeds go back to communities as Talk Fusion supports a number of causes in Florida as well as other places in the world. Learn more:

Richard Mishaan Design, the Ultimate Design Experience

Richard Mishaan Design is a world leader when it comes to interior design and is based in New York where its creator has been creating designs for hospitality, commercial, and residential clients for over twenty-five years. The principal of Richard Mishaan Design has a taste for interior design and architecture that is simply irrefutable. Not only is he a designer but also an author who has written two books.


The Retreat Center


A favorite interior among the Richard Mishaan’s design pieces is the retreat place for the simple reason that the ancient antique of the 15th century is very well blended with modernity. He renovated an otherwise old retreat center (of the 15th century) to bring out an exclusively breathtaking and relaxing piece of work. He began envisioning the house as a combination of antiquity and modernity.


The rooms are organized in a logical progression, thus creating a balance between reason and romance. He has placed objects and furnishings that bring out the original ancient features that include Brazilian wood beams that are 500 years old in the living area!


The heavy wood doors, which are the house’s original, bring out its antiquity. Its hallway has well-plastered walls stained with a pigment of ocher and small golden leaf squares as highlights. The black marbled floor and coffered ceiling with stitching of ebony and ivory inlays against dark wood are reconstructed according to the existing fragments and result in pure elegance on display.


Richard Mishaan Design signature is brought out by the foyer’s haziness and gives way to a vivid, sun-drenched courtyard that has modern day white wall and minimalist detailing. The fountain and pool were as well redesigned, and that produces a calming sound that helps muffle noises from the street.


Richard Mishaan Design Books


In his writings; modern luxury and artfully modern, Mishaan covers all his best works from 2009. He incorporates tips on how to best live in a dwelling of any size. He brings out how all furniture and accessories for decorations with good form could be combined with success regardless of style, price, or period. Though the book is high-end, Mishaan has a more general take than one might guess.