Betsy DeVos’ Love For Humanity and Education

In the 21st Century, numerous foundations have been established with the objective of alleviating abject poverty. Their core focus has been making the world socially and environmentally sustainable and free from human injustices. One such kind foundation is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation; a Grand Rapids-area foundation, launched by Dick and Betsy in 1989. The foundation has supported civic, religious, community, educational and free-market organizations through donations.


Betsy DeVos, the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince, was born on January 1958, in Holland, Michigan. Betsy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in 1979. She has been married to DeVos Dick for about 38 years and has a grandchild and four children: Andrea, Richard Marvin III, Elisabeth and Ryan.


The Dick and DeVos Family Foundation donated over $10 million in 2015 to several organizations and institutions. In the academies and orphanages, the foundation supported Loudspeaker Media Inc., with $400,000 donation to help Campbell Brown launch her education site, donated $150,000 as scholarships to the Success Academy Charter Schools and $200,000 to the Potter’s House; a Grand Rapids-area Christian school in 2015. The foundation also donated $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence and $ 100,000 to the Alliance for School Choice. Among the conservative organizations; Washington, D.C.-area’s think tank received $750,000; Institute for Justice received $10,000 and Intercollegiate Studies Institute Inc. received $6500 as donation. Among colleges and universities; the foundation donated $500,000 to University of Maryland College Park Foundation, $150,000 to School of Missionary Aviation Technology, $113,500 to Ferris State University, $55,000 to Davenport University and $10,000 to University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center among other universities.


Finally, Betsy has a great concern for the America’s education sector. This made her visit several schools, conduct fund-raisers and fund research activities. In 2010, she committed $22.5 million to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management formerly known as Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This donation was meant for training board members and art managers on professional development stages in the worldwide and around the US. This is the largest art-based private donation ever received by the Kennedy Center.


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