The Impressive Career Of Robert Thikoll

Robert Thikoll works at Ingersoll Rand and believes every individuals day should be built around their biorhythm. He feels he is at his best during the morning, so this is when he schedules his biggest meetings. He then focuses on emails, and the end of the day is reserved for one on one meetings and mentoring.

He brings life to his ideas by aligning his team. He says this is responsible for half of all the problem solving and strategic visions. He feels a team must be collaborative, everyone must have a voice, and the key is brain power.

Robert Thikoll believes expanding technology is a possible disruption in the market that cannot be anticipated by anyone. Despite the light speed of information and technology, he feels human interaction and relationships are what make a person unsuccessful or successful. He thinks it all comes down to the people, and spends his time developing and mentoring them.

Robert Thikoll became the Vice President of Operational Excellence of Ingersoll Rand in 2014. His responsibilities include developing and growing the commitment of the company through lean transformation. He accomplishes this with leadership, hands-on engagement and influence with his team.

He partners closely with the senior leaders and presidents of the strategic business units of the company. This is how he identifies, leads and executives the lean objectives of the team to drive the margin expansion and growth of the company. Robert Thikoll has bachelor’s degrees in Japanese and Political Science with his minor in Asian Studies. He is a graduate of the Arizona State University.

He has held prominent roles with Danaher including global operations and Vice President from 2000 through 2015. During his time with the company, he won numerous accolades for his performance regarding global facilities. Prior to his service with Danaher, Robert Thikoll worked for the Aisin Takaoka Company for eight years.