Just who is Matthew Autterson?

Mr. Matthew Autterson, a businessman who has created a name for himself, spent over 25 years of his life in the financial services industry. During this time, he served as a president to one of the largest institutions in the country. His career was punctuated by moving from one company to another, usually within the same group of companies, and the acquisitions and mergers of companies he worked for, which gave him new positions in or spit him out altogether.



Mr Autterson attained his Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University, where he graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. He would then proceed to be part of the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. This educational background in finance became a launching pad for his career in the industry.



His first job was at the First Trust Corporation, a company that had been acquired by Fiserv. He worked at this firm until 1982 before living he left to team up with a brand-new trust company. This company was to be sponsored by the Colorado State, and it was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, an organization which was based in New York and offered financial services. Mr. Autterson was making quick progress in his profession, and he was climbing into higher positions of leadership at the companies that he had the opportunity to serve.


1986 saw him ascend to the presidency of Resources Trust Company, which was owned by Integrated Resources Inc. In 1989, Integrated Resources Inc. and all the companies that it owned got acquired by Broad Inc, whose name eventually changed to SunAmerica Inc. SunAmerica was taken over by another company, AIG, in 1998. Refer to This Article for additional information.


During his tenure at the presidency of Resources Trust Company, the company experienced phenomenal growth to a level, so that by the time he was leaving the presidency, the company was one of the largest depository trust companies chartered by a state and insured by the FDIC. It had a client base which exceeded 200,000, and it worked with a network of more than 15,000 independent financial advisors, through whom all the clients came to the company. Its employees were over a 700. Fiserv acquired the company in 2001, and Matthew Autterson decided to focus on his family as he charted on the best way forward.


Presently, Matthew Autterson is a board member at Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) as well as being a president of CNS Bioscience Inc, a company that helps in the development of drugs aimed at dealing with neuropathic pain.


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