How Matthew Fleeger Made His Way To Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western has been successful over the past few decades; having being founded in the 1970s, the company has undergone several periods of extensive growth. As such, there have been a few notable figures in Gulf Coast Western’s success. However, one of the most prominent of these may be Matthew Fleeger, who’s served as the President and CEO of the company for quite a considerable length of time. Having said that, Mr. Fleeger hasn’t spent his entire career with the company; instead, he spent time with a variety of notable names in the oil and gas industry.

Through that time Matthew Fleeger was able to hone all the skills he needed to make himself, and the business he’s working with, a success. One of the most notable of these positions was when he founded MedSolutions, a holding company that focused on the treatment of medical wastes. Mr. Fleeger served as CEO of the company while he grew the company and eventually sold it on for quite a profit. However, this wasn’t the only company that Matthew Fleeger has founded a company that went on to become considerably successful. After MedSolutions he founded two companies in the beauty industry; these were mainly focused on indoor tanning.

These operations went on to become incredibly successful and quickly began generating revenue close to the $100 million marks between them. The first of these, Palm Beach Tan, largest indoor tanning operations in the United States. The second, Mystic Tan, was also just as successful; several years after being founded, it’s now largest spray-on tanning both franchises not only in the United States but also across the world. Matthew Fleeger got his start in his career after getting a degree in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. The initial positions that Mr. Fleeger had focused on the oil and gas industries. This experience, as well as that of founding a few successful businesses, made him a perfect fit for the role at Gulf Coast Western. Since joining the company, he’s gone on to make a variety of innovative and strategic decisions that have helped the company expand further.

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