Talk Fusion Launches A Virtual Hub For Sales Training

The first video chat software suite for marketing, Talk Fusion, have just released a new training program that’s accessed only online called Talk Fusion University. Talk Fusion University allows its members to have access to receive professional training and advice virtually from the company’s CEO and Founder, Robert Reina. He explains how becoming successful in this line of business requires major team work; members must rely on the efforts of others as well as their own.


Talk Fusion’s main success is through massive network marketing, their members are paid and rewarded for every sale they make and any returning customer they bring in. The Talk Fusion University will help them to become more business savvy so they can generate more sales, all without charging an overly hefty price that’s most common with other sales training programs and seminars. The University program will be available in English and Bahasa Indonesia, it will be translated later in French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hungarian. Russian and Czech. The exclusive University program currently has more than thirty training videos that provide individuals with the knowledge they’ll need to successfully market the company’s products as well as refer others to their business opportunity.


Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, a former Hillsborough County, Florida police officer. The company was the first ever to produce an all-in-one suite dedicated to video marketing. Their products have helped businesses stand out and become more engaging and memorable once they’ve utilize them for marketing purposes. Every product and service from the company are independently marketed by word-of-mouth from individual associates that live in locations from all around the world. Talk Fusion and its associates care deeply about global and animal welfare, they have contributed to many charities and raised awareness to many causes worldwide. Learn more:

Joel Friant And The Success Of The Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker and writer. He has worked in the real estate industry, taught home-based business strategies and product creation. He devotes his free time helping others exceed in their professional and personal lives. Joel Friant started his career in the real estate industry and then branched out into the restaurant business. He was responsible for founding the very first Asian inspired fast food restaurants in the United States.

During his time as a restauranteur, Friant created The Habanero Shaker. Ever since high school, Joel fell in love withe the habanero chili pepper. He traveled to Jamaica where he was able to experience a wide variety of different habanero peppers. Back home, he realized there were no habanero spice shakers on the market at the time. He started creating the Habanero Shaker which contains real habanero peppers that aren’t diluted with cheap spices. It began a quick success and was accepted at some of the biggest grocery chains in Washington.

The Habanero Shaker is made with 100% flaked hot habanero chili’s. It can add a mild or intense flavor to any recipe depending on how much you use. It contains no additives or salt and comes in a unique container. Everyone is able to experience the Original Habanero Shaker, as it is sugar and gluten free. The peppers are only sourced fresh before they are dried and ground. When the product was first born in 1995, you could only find it at select stores. Today, you can purchase The Original Habanero Shaker through Amazon worldwide. When researching online, you will find that this shaker has received stellar reviews. It is widely known that the habanero pepper contains a large amount of capsaicin. Capsaicin causes the brain to release endorphins which help boost mood and energy.

Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Has a Heart for Animals

Bob Reina has found the perfect way to give back to his community that’s in accordance with one of his passions in life and that’s by making a substantial donation to the Tampa Humane Society. He’s also done his part on a personal level as he’s adopted eleven dogs and cats at different times to rescue them from various troubles.

He’s always been an animal lover and is touched by their inherent helplessness at certain times and this has motivated him to donate one million dollars to animal causes. Reina has served in the past as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy but it was his startup company called Talk Fusion that has been the foundation of his success and ability to support worthy endeavors.

The money that Reina is donating will go toward the funding of a low-cost veterinary clinic which will serve people who are currently unable to afford basic services. The clinic will provide a range of services such as shots, spay and neuter services, checkups, and diagnostic testing among other things at reduced, affordable prices.

This outreach is in keeping with Bob Reina’s character as he’s helped those who are less fortunate by paying their vet bills on many occasions in the past. Darryl Shaw is a Chief Executive at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners clinic and speaks highly of Reina’s generosity in such matters.

Talk Fusion came about as Bob Reina noticed a need for video emails when he tried to send a short clip of a home he was interested in buying. An idea was born and he joined it to a direct selling model whereupon the company took off.

The product line of Talk Fusion has expanded and they’ve become a company that covers the entire category of video marketing. The online video trend is one area that Reina sees as transformational and disruptive. The connectivity of the world is growing exponentially and he’s excited to be a part of it. He credits the growth of Talk Fusion to their refusal to become one-dimensional and places a great emphasis on continual innovation in an effort to avoid stagnation. Learn more: