Nicolas Krafft: The Idea Man Behind L’Oreal’s New Public Focus

Lately, it seems that CEOs, Presidents and corporate Vice Presidents seem to be taking a more active role in the running of the company. Take Nicolas Krafft, Vice President for L’Oreal. This is a man with an outstanding idea, “take the beauty industry to the public.” He has done just that twice now with the famous floating catwalk shows on the Siene.

Who Is Krafft?

Nicolas Krafft, today the General Manager at Pulp Riot International at L’Oreal has spectacular ideas on diversity in women’s beauty, and they have certainly paid off. Thanks to Nicolas and his team, L’Oréal Paris held another distinctive annual fashion and beauty show on a floating catwalk. The show held on the river Seine in the heart of Paris is the second consecutive show of its kind.

In addition to showing the latest fashion styles and new looks, Nicolas Krafft’s purpose was to underline the company’s commitment to making beauty available for every woman. The event was open to the public, and crowds gathered to see the top names from beauty and fashion.

At this L’Oréal Paris event, Nicolas Krafft Loreal wanted to focus attention on strong women. The pioneering event brought a huge line-up of celebrities including Eva Longoria and Louise Bourgoin. Krafft’s main focus here was to showcase diversity and creativity.

The focus on these latest events at L’Oréal Paris is to make beauty available to everyone. Some of the top artists for the company were also there. Notable people included hair artist Stephane Lancien and Val Garland. After the outstanding event, it took workers more than a week to take down the floating catwalk. Visit This Page for additional information.

This event was complex and outstanding. It took weeks of work from a team of talented people. However, Nicholas Krafft was the brain behind the idea. He has worked as vice president for L’Oréal since 2002. His amazing dedication has given L’Oreal a new face as a responsible and diverse organization. Krafft continues to promote and organize performance events like this to make fashion and beauty available to the entire world.

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