The Revival of National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz and His New Strategies

When it comes to innovation and a renewed strategy at old companies, nobody has done it better than Gregory J. Aziz. For anyone in the railroad industry, Greg Aziz has become a name to remember. This is the individual that took a once-failing railcar manufacturer and turned it into an extremely successful powerhouse in the industry. In fact, National Steel Car continues to be one of the only railcar manufacturers left in North America, and the company owes all its success to the innovations and strategy renewals of its CEO and Chairman Greg Aziz.


National Steel Car has been in the industry since its founding in 1912. Starting out creating tank cars and coal hoppers, National Steel Car quickly rose to the top of its competitors as it drew into the great depression. However, pressure on railcar manufacturers, as well as the reduction of business in the depression, hit the company hard. In the 1970s and 1980s, when the trucking industry started to rule the logistics game, companies like National Steel Car had nowhere to go. What’s worse is that over the years NSC had been purchased and sold so many times that there were no longer any long-term goals that the company was striving towards. That is when Greg Aziz came around.


Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994. He quickly named himself CEO and went to work to renew the focus of the company. He started by stating publicly that NSC was no longer out to create low-cost railcars, but high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective cars that will create efficiencies for the customer. He also put a highlight on the company’s ability to stay current with new regulations and safety laws, creating cost reductions for customers down the road. He put a strong focus on National Steel Cars design and engineering departments, charging them with the task of making his dreams a reality. See This Article for additional information


After shifting the strategy of the company, Aziz went to work increasing production. He created new capital projects that increased capacity at the plant from only 3,500 cars per year to over 12,000. In order to make this increase in capacity a success, his increased the labor force from just 600 workers to over 3,000. All of these strategies came together, and eventually, National Steel Car was back on top.


Now NSC is one of the only railcar and rolling stock manufacturers in North America, and with $200 million in revenue coming in each year, it is clear that Greg Aziz s new strategies and innovations have paid off once again.


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Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario, Canada on April 30, 1949 and attended Ridley College then University of Western Ontario, majoring in Economics. He worked at a successful family food business, then in the investment banking industry, primarily in North and South America.


In 1994, he had a dream of his own and purchased National Steel Car, a manufacturer of railroad freight cars, located in Hamilton, Ontario, where he is currently Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and CEO. He knew at the time the company was at a standstill, and since the world was becoming more advanced and hi-tech and regulations stiffer, measures needed to be taken to become more efficient and environmentally friendly. He and his team researched and built some cars to be ready when the new regulations passed, so years later they were ready to go, when no one else was.


The following are some great things that have made Greg James Aziz’s one of the leading railroad train car companies in the world:

  1. Went from manufacturing 3500 cars per year to 12,000 cars in five years.
  2. Employed 600 people at the beginning and grew to 3,000 in the same five years.
  3. Currently builds thousands of railroad freight cars every year.


Gregory James Aziz attributes this great success to everyone within the company working together, the skillful engineering in the hi-tech design process and high standards that have been set to achieve excellence in building the industry. His is the only railcar company that is certified ISO 2001:2008, meeting the requirements of putting the customer first. He also was awarded the TTX SECO, which means building strong customer loyalty and trustworthiness year after year.


Even though Gregory J. Aziz is prosperous man, he finds time to give back to his community by sponsoring groups and organizations such as the Salvation Army, United Way, various food drives and many other charities. As if all of this isn’t enough, he also shows he cares about his employees and families by inviting them to the company’s Christmas party every year and asking them to participate in a huge company food drive for food banks in Hamilton. Visit This Page to learn more.


Greg Aziz’s hard work, efficient work habits, highly qualified workers and dedication are what have made him a true businessman, leader and entrepreneur who has accomplished much and appears he will keep on accomplishing much!


The Slow Rise to Glory for Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that has paved the way for Kate Hudson to make her entrance into the retail clothing world. This is a company that is competing heavily against other bigger retailers and e-commerce stores like Amazon. This is a big thing for Kate Hudson to take on with Fabletics, but she has really shown that she has the ability to do this with ease.


Kate has been good at what she is doing because she has essentially taken the time to put her career in acting on hold as she takes on a greater presence inside of Fabletics. Many people are able to see her grow as a business leader as they watched Fabletics expand as one of the top retailers in athletic clothing for women.


Some may wonder how Kate Hudson has been able to get to this level, but people that are really excited about what this brand looks like will not overlook the fact that this is a brand that is 10 years in the making.


Kate Hudson has been growing this company for over a decade, and it is at this point that she has the ability to compete with more of the heavy hitters.


There has been an outstanding amount of growth with Fabletics, and this is largely because of the online presence. Kate believes, however, that there is another crowd that is eager to participate in buying clothes from Fabletics. She believes that this is the crowd that is interested in shopping through physical stores. When this type of crowd embraces products it is easier to open more brick-and-mortar stores and sell to people that may have never heard of the brand through social media circles.


Hudson is definitely banking on this, and her business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are also hoping that this will make them more of a competitive force with mega e-commerce retailers like Amazon.


Kate is really proving that there is a lot of room for growth as she continues with this brand that has been making more people aware of the athleisure wear garments. This is something that Kate Hudson has continued to build on, and there is a great amount of respect for her business savvy when it comes to building this brand for women.


Hudson has proven that Fabletics is here to stay. The increase in physical stores is a reminder of this.

Dick Devos Discusses How He Changed the Face of Michigan

Michigan is known for its famous state college system which includes Michigan State University, the eight largest university by campus size in the United States. The state is also home to the historical city of Detroit, which was one of the primary industrial centers of the country during the middle of the last century.


Michigan’s focus on its urban centers and educational system has not been easy, and probably would not have been possible without the help of business and community leaders like Dick and Betsy Devos of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. These days, his wife has taken the spotlight after she was appointed by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the senate to be the US Secretary of Education.


Her appointment as the Secretary of Education is due, in part, to the decades of advocacy and political activism shared by the couple. But while Betsy Devos has focused on education and educational reform, Dick Devos has been a leading advocate of business friendly urban development.


Dick Devos’ interest in urban development matured in 1991 when the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced their plans to construct a multi-purpose convention center and sports arena in the northern part of the city’s downtown area.


Devos recalled a similar situation in the 1970s when the city constructed the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills after the departure of the Detroit Lions and Pistons from the city. About the negative impacts of the Silverdome stadium, he said that, ”[the] lesson was not lost on us,” and was thus spurred to action in order to prevent history from repeating itself.


Having joined as a regular member of the Health Care Foundation Board of Trustees in the prior year, Dick Devos was already busy as an important philanthropic business leader of the state, and while he would eventually go on to run for Governor of the state in 2006, at this time he was not actually a politician and so held little actual political power.


Not to be deterred, Devos united the business community of downtown Grand Rapids in opposition to the proposed new convention center by creating the Grand Vision and Grand Action Committee s, the latter of which still exists today.


Since their successful campaign to block the proposed Grand Rapids convention center, the committee has proven itself to be a group for positive change by advocating for the construction of other major building projects such as the Devos Place Convention Center, the famous Devos Performance Hall, Michigan State Universities School of Medicine, the Van Adel Arena, and even the Grand Rapids City Market.


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Nutrisystem: Meal Planning for Men


Dedicating a lot of time and efforts to working out can take discipline. It can also be hard to allocate the time needed for food preparation as well as diet analysis if you are working out in order to lose weight. Getting a comprehensive method of managing healthcare and nutrient systems is important to keep up with both work out and nutrition routines. That’s why it is important to pre-plan meals to make sure what your eating matches your weight loss and personal care goals.

One way that men can get the best nutrition without having to worry about the time and preparation required for each meal, is to consider Nutrisystem. They provide customized delivery plans as well as diet friendly meals on a weekly basis. They help men lose weight and keep it off with convenient and effective meals.

Portion control as well as diet planning is important and can yield beneficial results. Having prepared meals that are balanced and meet nutritional standards is a great way to get ahead in your weight loss goals.

Nutrisystem helps men lose weight faster than normal (source: The biggest advantage is that Nutrisystem can create effective diet plans that are catered specifically for men. Since there are so many differences between men and women, it is important to have meals that are carefully planned to help meet specific goals. This is especially true when considering muscles. Men have more muscles than women.

Nutrisystem tailors meal plans to fit men’s weight loss goals, while making sure to have healthy and tasty options. Some examples of items included in a typical meal plan are waffles, granola, muffins and pancakes. Other choices are sandwiches with tuna, meatloaf, or chicken breast.

Sticking with the program is rewarding because the more a person follows, the closer they will be to achieving their weight loss goals.

A week of prepared meals would include individualized lunches, protein shakes containing probiotics, as well as energy bars that have fiber and protein. Men can get multiple options that will leave them feeling nourished and never hungry. The first month taking Nutrisystem meals can lead up to thirteen pounds for people who follow the diet consistently. Find out how Nutrisystem can work to help achieve weight loss goals today.

Leaving A Legacy At Bradesco With Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Banking companies in Brazil have had to make sweeping changes over the past few years. With more competition than ever before, many banking companies are struggling to make a profit. Many years ago, Bradesco was a banking company on the brink of disaster. Not only were sales and profits declining, but many customers were tired of dealing with the bank.

Bradesco hired Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as president to clean up the company. Although it took a lot of hard work, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to completely change the culture at the company. Although he made some mistakes along the way, he did make a huge difference in the future of the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently announced that he was going to start pursuing other interests in life. He wants to spend more time with his family and charities that he is passionate about. Bradesco has started the search for a new CEO. Trying to replace someone like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will not be easy.

Lending Programs

The largest revenue source for banks comes from loans made to customers. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over the company, Bradesco had few loan programs to offer to customers. In addition, the company had no loan programs for small business owners.

Over the past few years, the Brazilian economy has changed completely. It is now much easier to start a company and have success in the process. This has resulted in many people leaving their jobs to start a company. These new business owners need capital in order to invest in their business. This is one of the reasons why small business loans are so popular.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to offer a variety of small business loans for customers. This program has been a huge success ever since he decided to start it.

Bad Debt

Another major issue facing Bradesco when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over was bad debt according to Over the years, the bank continued to lend money to customers who had a low chance of paying. This resulted in profits decreasing over time as customers stopped paying on the loans.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to improve the overall screening process for customers. Although Bradesco rarely turns away a customer who needs a loan, customers with a bad financial history must pay a higher rate of interest. This has greatly reduced the number of bad loans made by the company over the past few years.


When he took over, the culture at Bradesco was one of the worst in the industry. Many of the most talented employees were leaving to look for jobs at other banking companies. This is never a good sign for any company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as businessman decided to start offering more benefits for employees. Not only that, but he started a profit-sharing program at Bradesco. At the end of each fiscal year, employees get a chance to share in the profits of the business.

Replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has had a great career in the banking industry. He started as a young banking employee who had a passion to change the world.

Bradesco is now searching internally for people to replace him. Although it will be difficult to replace him, there are plenty of qualified candidates to choose from. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is excited about the next stage of his life where he can concentrate on other things that he is passionate about.

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Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Has a Heart for Animals

Bob Reina has found the perfect way to give back to his community that’s in accordance with one of his passions in life and that’s by making a substantial donation to the Tampa Humane Society. He’s also done his part on a personal level as he’s adopted eleven dogs and cats at different times to rescue them from various troubles.

He’s always been an animal lover and is touched by their inherent helplessness at certain times and this has motivated him to donate one million dollars to animal causes. Reina has served in the past as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy but it was his startup company called Talk Fusion that has been the foundation of his success and ability to support worthy endeavors.

The money that Reina is donating will go toward the funding of a low-cost veterinary clinic which will serve people who are currently unable to afford basic services. The clinic will provide a range of services such as shots, spay and neuter services, checkups, and diagnostic testing among other things at reduced, affordable prices.

This outreach is in keeping with Bob Reina’s character as he’s helped those who are less fortunate by paying their vet bills on many occasions in the past. Darryl Shaw is a Chief Executive at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners clinic and speaks highly of Reina’s generosity in such matters.

Talk Fusion came about as Bob Reina noticed a need for video emails when he tried to send a short clip of a home he was interested in buying. An idea was born and he joined it to a direct selling model whereupon the company took off.

The product line of Talk Fusion has expanded and they’ve become a company that covers the entire category of video marketing. The online video trend is one area that Reina sees as transformational and disruptive. The connectivity of the world is growing exponentially and he’s excited to be a part of it. He credits the growth of Talk Fusion to their refusal to become one-dimensional and places a great emphasis on continual innovation in an effort to avoid stagnation. Learn more:


The Impressive Career Of Robert Thikoll

Robert Thikoll works at Ingersoll Rand and believes every individuals day should be built around their biorhythm. He feels he is at his best during the morning, so this is when he schedules his biggest meetings. He then focuses on emails, and the end of the day is reserved for one on one meetings and mentoring.

He brings life to his ideas by aligning his team. He says this is responsible for half of all the problem solving and strategic visions. He feels a team must be collaborative, everyone must have a voice, and the key is brain power.

Robert Thikoll believes expanding technology is a possible disruption in the market that cannot be anticipated by anyone. Despite the light speed of information and technology, he feels human interaction and relationships are what make a person unsuccessful or successful. He thinks it all comes down to the people, and spends his time developing and mentoring them.

Robert Thikoll became the Vice President of Operational Excellence of Ingersoll Rand in 2014. His responsibilities include developing and growing the commitment of the company through lean transformation. He accomplishes this with leadership, hands-on engagement and influence with his team.

He partners closely with the senior leaders and presidents of the strategic business units of the company. This is how he identifies, leads and executives the lean objectives of the team to drive the margin expansion and growth of the company. Robert Thikoll has bachelor’s degrees in Japanese and Political Science with his minor in Asian Studies. He is a graduate of the Arizona State University.

He has held prominent roles with Danaher including global operations and Vice President from 2000 through 2015. During his time with the company, he won numerous accolades for his performance regarding global facilities. Prior to his service with Danaher, Robert Thikoll worked for the Aisin Takaoka Company for eight years.

AvaTrade Excels in Availing Online Trading to Retailers

AvaTrade is an online platform for carrying out business activities and was founded back in 2006. The company was co-founded by professionals in financial advisory and those with renowned expertise in e-commerce with the use of websites. This was pure to satisfy the needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs. The firm offers its services with integrity and competent customer service delivery desk for their clients to be served well.

Besides, the processes involved in their decision-making procedures actively represent the interests of their customers as well as those of their partners. For this reason, they get to reach their target markets hence increasing their profit turnovers. AvaTrade deals in sales and purchase of stocks, a variety of goods and even foreign exchange trade. The operations of the company have led to the establishment of other offices in many countries across the blog. As of now, AvaTrade is found both locally in the cities like Dublin which is where they have located their main offices and have even extended to Paris, Tokyo, Milan and much more. They have other offices in Italy, Australia, Nigeria, Chile, South Africa and so forth. AvaTrade is given regulations for its trading activities by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Due to all the excellence in operations, AvaTrade has achieved higher rankings in the Forex Industry. The company has succeeded continuously because of their twin trading platform. They include AvaTrader which can be operated on laptops, smartphones, desktops and much more. With this, the sales of products are automatic for novice entrepreneurs and expert traders as well. Another platform called MetaTrade 4 facilitates the sales of commodities, Forex businesses, and even indices. It a very powerful system and doesn’t have unnecessary restrictions. For this reason, traders can easily switch from one activity to another. These platforms can be accessed by people from different countries due to the flexibility in the languages used.

Additionally, AvaTrade has an e-commerce website with the URL address For those who have no time for getting software applications downloads, they can efficiently shift to the website. Moreover, the accounts used by retailers for carrying out business activities are easily affordable.

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How The Oxford Club is helping Traders and Investors with Helpful Advice

The Oxford Club is a privately owned network of investors and entrepreneurs around the world. The group came into existence in 1989 to help its members amass great wealth and enjoy a quality life that even surpasses the monetary aspects. Oxford Club has its roots in Baltimore, Maryland. It has specialised in the modern analysis of trends in the market before developing trading ideas for successful investing.

The Club employs many experts who are ready to help members strategize by issuing timely and helpful recommendations. Oxford Club uses unique strategies to beat the stock market realising good returns in multiple asset classes. The suggestions are in a variety of sectors namely, equities, options, real estate, funds, currencies, bonds and precious metals.

Oxford Club currently has more than 150,000 members distributed across over 130 countries. To reach the members with the advice on trading, the Club publishes three e-letters on a daily basis, three monthly newsletters, twelve trading services and a chain of other related publications. The Oxford Communique is perhaps the most loved newsletter. It features analyses by Alexander Green who is the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist. Alexander’s essays series known as Beyond Wealth, which talks about healthy living and politics among other things, also features in the newsletter.

The Oxford Income Letter is headed by Marc Lichtenfeld, the Chief Income Strategist and provides insight on ways to create a robust income portfolio. The Oxford Resource Explorer gives members a detailed insight and recommendations for those wishing to invest in the oil, natural gas or mining sectors.

The twelve trading services include Advanced Energy Strategist, Automatic Trading Millionaire, Lighting Trend Trader, Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio, The Insider Alert, Oxford Bond Advantage, The Momentum Alert, Tactical Trader Alert, Prime System Trader, True Value Alert, Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert and The Viper Alert.

Oxford Club has three membership levels. The Premier Membership is for anyone who has subscribed to the Clubs’ paid publications. The Director’s Circle Membership features lifelong members mainly investors. These members have access to all the three newsletters. The highest level is the Chairman’s Circle Membership for privileged members with access to all publications and unique features on the website.