The Rise of Siteline Cabinetry

Modern Home Renovations has been increasing lately. Release Facts website believes it is due to the fully customizable cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry and they have good reasons too. Siteline Cabinetry offers multiple stains and paints to be applied over custom cabinets. The consumer can design whatever cabinet they are dreaming of or pick from a pre-made variety. Release Facts list that production, customization, equipment, speed, staff, warranty and dealers are what drives people’s inspiration when thinking about Siteline Cabinetry. If a consumer is doing a renovation then they would benefit from the amazing treatment they will receive from Siteline’s staff because they are highly trained and skilled to the point where they can help consumers with anything. Siteline Cabinetry tries to make sure they put out the best quality cabinets and even backs them with a lifetime warranty. Even though the article mentioned the warranty is only valid for the original owner of the cabinets; meaning if you sold your home with the cabinets in it , the warranty would not apply for the new owner. But other than that, the Release Facts article explained in great detail on why Siteline Cabinet’s offers inspiration to people renovating.

In 2015, the successful creator of Corsi Group, created the fully customization cabinet company by the name of Siteline Cabinetry. Pat Corsi wanted to focus on providing consumers with a company that can create any version of a cabinet that they could imagine. Siteline is a small, for profit company that employs roughly around 50 people. At their headquarters in Keysville, Siteline they focus strongly on employee training and choose this location because of the large amount of people who know how to operate a machine. This was a major reason for moving the company here as well as them being close to cabinet suppliers. The company needed to be near cabinet suppliers because they do not sell directly to consumers, they sell through other companies. The headquarters is a 47,000 square feet plant that Pat Corsi purchased at the start of Siteline. At the plant, they continue to work with state of the art equipment to decrease cost and increase quality.

Betsy DeVos’ Love For Humanity and Education

In the 21st Century, numerous foundations have been established with the objective of alleviating abject poverty. Their core focus has been making the world socially and environmentally sustainable and free from human injustices. One such kind foundation is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation; a Grand Rapids-area foundation, launched by Dick and Betsy in 1989. The foundation has supported civic, religious, community, educational and free-market organizations through donations.


Betsy DeVos, the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince, was born on January 1958, in Holland, Michigan. Betsy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in 1979. She has been married to DeVos Dick for about 38 years and has a grandchild and four children: Andrea, Richard Marvin III, Elisabeth and Ryan.


The Dick and DeVos Family Foundation donated over $10 million in 2015 to several organizations and institutions. In the academies and orphanages, the foundation supported Loudspeaker Media Inc., with $400,000 donation to help Campbell Brown launch her education site, donated $150,000 as scholarships to the Success Academy Charter Schools and $200,000 to the Potter’s House; a Grand Rapids-area Christian school in 2015. The foundation also donated $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence and $ 100,000 to the Alliance for School Choice. Among the conservative organizations; Washington, D.C.-area’s think tank received $750,000; Institute for Justice received $10,000 and Intercollegiate Studies Institute Inc. received $6500 as donation. Among colleges and universities; the foundation donated $500,000 to University of Maryland College Park Foundation, $150,000 to School of Missionary Aviation Technology, $113,500 to Ferris State University, $55,000 to Davenport University and $10,000 to University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center among other universities.


Finally, Betsy has a great concern for the America’s education sector. This made her visit several schools, conduct fund-raisers and fund research activities. In 2010, she committed $22.5 million to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management formerly known as Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This donation was meant for training board members and art managers on professional development stages in the worldwide and around the US. This is the largest art-based private donation ever received by the Kennedy Center.


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The Business Life of Roberto Santiago.

Roberto Santiago has grown to become one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil and to some extent the world. The 58-year-old Santiago has made a name for himself through the establishment of the famous Manaira shopping mall. It even came as a surprise to him that he will achieve all this greatness at such an early age.

Born and raised in the Brazilian town of Joas Pessoa, Santiago’s life has all been about hard work, great determination and excellent entrepreneurial skills. These three elements are what have defined him right from his early ages.

His knack for entrepreneurship started right from his days at school. He first enrolled in school in Brazil for his primary and high school education. From here he enrolled at the famous and prestigious Pio X Marist College in his native Brazil.

He passed highly and earned a slot at the prestigious University of Centre where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

His schooling days are hat shaped Santiago to be who he is now something he has never failed to mention in the many talks he has held.

His career started when he was hired to work at café Santa Rosa a company involved in manufacturing décor in Brazil. It is from this first job that Santiago got the burning desire to start his own company.

He learned a lot of business skills at the café, and this was what set him up to climb up the business ladder. His first business was the cartonnage company he open, and he was involved in selling cartoons made from cardboard.

Under his leadership, the company grew, and it was reputed as it produced excellent decorative products

The company did exceptionally well and it from the profits it made that sating went on to save and invest in real estate. Massive investments are what gave him his most significant breakthrough yet in the abusiveness world.

He took advantage of the stable an profitable Brazilian real estate to invest in land and real estate. But the one thing that made him come to the fore was his most significant investment that was developing the Manaira shopping mall back in 1980 through to 1990s.

The mall became the talk of the town with it state of the art developments features which attracted clients and investors.

The mall has made great headlines, and it has grown significantly by housing several outlets including banks, shopping stores, theaters, gaming areas, food courts, gym and even financial institutions.

Having a good shopping experience is what inspired Santiago. He wanted a mall that was modern and would suit any modern family.

For Santiago, it has been a journey of success starting from humble beginning all the way to the rich list. All your business leader can get t learn a few things from him.


Daniel Mark Harrison – Creating his Distinctive Business Niche

Daniel Mark Harrison, a man who has created his unique niche in the business world, an author, medical expert and a handsome businessman. He owns and runs his family office Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. offices located in three dynamic countries Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore with an aim to protect and grow the company assets.

Harrison’s latest adventure in the business world is managing the Monkey Capital Fintech which a blockchain funding company with primary interest in decentralizing the investing of a hedge fund. The firm specializes in Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts. Daniel Mark Harrison Company made the first ever successful pre-ICO options and speculated on the crypto to achieve its goals. The choosing of compelling and unique projects, robust workforce and management and using the latest technology for high-quality operation has made the company bring tangible and real benefits to the world says Harrison.

Monkey Capital has created a networking chain that brings deep value in investments of crypto and produced Ethereum style of coins gains. The company plans on launching its ICO, and it had distributed its COVEAL tokens to their staff and management, family and friends and hot girls before presenting the initial auction. The COVEAL tokens give the owner a chance to buy MNY tokens at a reduced price through the Waves DEX.
Daniel Mark Harrison has more than three degrees in different disciplines; he holds a degree in Theology, masters in Journalism and Business administration.

Through his education, personal skills, and traits, Harrison managed to build a successful global business empire. In October 2015 he took the mantle of the principal leader of Daniel Mark Harrison & co ltd. Since March 2016, he became a partner of Monkey Capital and took over its management. Over the years he has used his journalism skills to contribute at Coinspeaker and moved the company to higher readership also Harrison is actively involved in its editorial team. Additionally, since May 2015, Daniel Mark Harrison became the editor in chief and publisher of Marx Rand, for six years he worked as a columnist in Motley fool. He also worked in the management team of a China-based company Minisuco ltd.

Avi Weisfogel: Treating Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

There is a misguided trend of people attempting to take coffee to stay awake for long hours. Dr. Avi Weisfogel plays a crucial role in treating sleep apnea through dentistry. He is a certified specialist who has always been passionate about performing beyond the status quo. It is for this reason that he ended up in a unique position of handling patients suffering from sleep apnea. Since his early childhood, Avi was always devoted to giving everything his all. The go-getter went to Rutgers University and pursued Biology and Psychology. Dr. Avi felt that a single achievement in academics was not enough, and that was when he proceeded to New York University to pursue dental surgery. He gained the necessary skill set, and after that, Weisfogel launched his dental practice.

How Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Thriving in a Burgeoning Sector

America’s economy greatly depends on small businesses. As it is, those people with an inspiration are likely to thrive when they come up with a reasonable idea. Dr. Avi is one individual who is growing quite rapidly. Apart from being persuasive, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also a good planner. For this reason, he has continually risen to become an admirable global figure in dentistry. Although most people struggle a bit with having their ventures pick, Avi was lucky to have his dental practice find success immediately. However, his success was influenced by quality service. More often than not, people recommend a service provider who delivers to their expectations or beyond. This is how Avi grew in his career, although he had to pick vital tricks along the way.

Focusing on Being a Unique Authority

Creating Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s business was not a walk in the park. Out of being driven by his passion, Dr. Avi noticed some of his patients needed attention beyond their dental systems. It was then that he moved into treating sleep apnea and most importantly, set to enlighten other dentists. When Dr. Avi Weisfogel is not in the office, you will most probably find him at the basketball pitch or following major tennis events.

Waiakea Springs Makes a Major Move in Consumer Packaging

Ever since Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Springs in 2012, he has directed his company toward sustainability. Waiakea’s water is harvested from pristine springs that are filtered through lava rocks from Mauna Loa volcano. As the water flows, it is fortified with minerals and gets an enriched pH. The pH is 7.8-8.9 in this naturally occurring pure alkaline water. From the beginning, Waiakea water has been bottled in plastic bottles that are 100% PRET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate). In the very near future Waiakea is planning to use the first degradable water bottle.

Technically, it will not be plastic, but a more durable form of wax. This bottle is made of a nano-additive created by TimePlast. Essentially, the structure of the bottle has fewer chemical bonds linking the molecules together, so instead of taking 1,500 years to break down or biodegrade, it takes 15. By reducing the lifespan of the bottle by 98%, Waiakea will have helped develop a fully biodegradable form of plastic.

Waiakea is revolutionizing the consumer packaging industry. Now other water, fruit juice and soda manufacturers will imitate Waiakea when they see the successful reception ecologically minded consumers give their new Waiakea’s biodegradable bottle.

Waiakea is consistently opening new doors as a company. This could be because its founder is one of the youngest individuals in the bottled water business. He began Waiakea at 22 and now he is steadily forging new paths for the company and leading the way for his industry competitors. Waiakea is one of the few companies that show concern for the consumer. It makes a healthy product and packages it in a biodegradable package, it gives generously to charity and it sponsors environmental preservation projects. Next year, when it releases the first biodegradable ‘plastic’ bottle, it will be orchestrating the first revolutionary move for the consumer packaging industry in a very long time.

The Man Behind UTC’s Success: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is known as being a Canadian businessman. He is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation and was able to serve as being the former president of Pratt and Whitney Canada. He happens to be a graduate of the University of Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. He proceeded to obtain his doctorate at the same university in May of 2011. He has been able to make a tremendous contribution to the Aviation Company.

Louis Chenevert’s career started back in 1999 when he proudly became the president of Pratt and Whitney, where he worked for more than six years. In March of 2006, Louis was given the privilege of becoming the chairman and CEO of UTC. Before giving this opportunity Louis had worked in the general motors department. On the December 8th, 2014 Louis resigned from being the CEO of UTC.

Even though he had resigned, Louis Chenevert brought unforgettable development to UTC. He is a business-oriented man who was able to put at heart the interest of all of the clients, by showing good interest in stakeholders and shareholders. Through him, the company has been able to stay at the top even during the recession periods. He was smart enough to manage the company without making the workers pay unfair and unwanted wages.

UTC as a company, with the help of Louis, was able to invest in the most advanced jet engines on the globe. The organization had diverse clients from military to commercial clients. Through the managerial and innovative mind he happened to have, the company was able to make escalators and elevators. UTC is the only leading industry in the manufacturing of helicopters in the USA.

Louis later introduced manufacturing of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment along with fire detection gadgets. Louis Chenevert is a good manager and the best business-oriented CEO that the company has had to date. He is an open-minded individual with good innovation dreams for the company.

Louis was very mindful of his employees, and he always made sure they were well paid and worked under suitable conditions. He is now an exclusive advisor at the Goldman Sachs merchant banking division. Here he is able to offer very valuable advice to business and help the economy.

Logan Stout: Turning His Love For Sports Into A Business Venture

They say do what you love to be content in life, and no one lives by that principle better than Logan Stout. Logan is someone who has taken his love for the sport to a whole new level, by turning his passion into a business idea. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots, one of the most well-known baseball teams in the entire country and has been a major influencer in the competitive baseball scene in the country.

Since a young age, Logan Stout has always been one of those people who can be good at whatever they set their mind to. When he was in school, he was extremely active and tried to be a part of every kind of sporting team there was. Baseball was always one of the sports that Logan Stout loved the most, which is why this was also the sport that he chooses to make a professional career in. Back in high school, he was on almost all the sports teams and carried that on when he went to college. But in addition to sports, Logan Stout also excelled in his academics. He was always a good scorer and did well in his studies in addition to sports.

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When he was studying in college in University of Dallas, he became a part of the college basketball team. While a part of the team, he was actively involved in various tournaments and took part in different activities, putting him in the spotlight for the sport. When it came to what degree he wanted to pursue, Logan Stout had multiple choices in front of him, and instead of picking just one, went ahead and pursued all his options. Today, he has multiple degrees to his name.

The reason Logan Stout started the Dallas Patriots was that he wanted to form an organization that focused on training those who wanted to make it in the sport. The team is known for scouting some of the best talents in the professional basketball scene and has brought along numerous names that are now extremely well known. The organization has helped youth from Dallas to understand that they can follow their dreams of making it big as a baseball player.

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Orange Coast College:

*Orange Coast College Examined:


Orange Coast College is one of the most popular transfer colleges within the US. Orange Coast College is a Community College located within Orange County California. The school currently has about 25,000 students both full and part time.


The school colors have always been blue and orange. The school colors were determined when Orange Coast College first opened in the fall of 1948. There are some general admission requirements that all students must meet in order to be accepted at the college. For example, student must register for either the advanced course of study or the vocational course of study. College counselors can meet with those considering attending Orange Coast to help them with their career choices.


*Orange Coast Rowing Team:


Orange Coast College has had an athletic department since the school first opened. The school has a rowing team that gave rowers the opportunity to participate in the 12th National Title. The 12th National Title gave students the opportunity to compete against some of the best 4 year colleges within the nation.


The National Championship was held in Gainesville Georgia in May 2017. Seasoned rowers from Orange Coast had the exciting opportunity to thrash through Newport Harbor at approximately 25 miles per hour.


This event was exciting and you could certainly hear screams of eagerness and positive energy coming from many of the Orange Coast College rowers. The boats cover over 2,000 meters as they continue to strengthen their physical and mental abilities through this competitive sport.


One student commented that it is not always about winning but simply the thrill of being able to participate in such a wonderful event.


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How The Founder Of Talk Fusion Addressed HuffPost’s Rebranding

Talk Fusion is a Brandon, Florida company that was founded by Bob Reina. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company and a notable philanthropist. The flagship product of Talk Fusion is Video Email which is an app that can be used to send an email to others email inboxes. This app is commonly used by businesses to market their products as a video is a compelling advertising medium.

Not long ago, Huffington Post rebranded itself to HuffPost. Bob Reina posts articles on this website and one of them, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” went up just the day before this rebranding took place. Not long after the rebranding, he posted another article, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters”.

The Editor in Chief of HuffPost is Lydia Polgreen. She said the change of name was done in order to move forward its new mission which is to bring more people into the national discussion. Bob Reina finds this new mission compelling and plans to be a part of it both as an article contributor and through his role at Talk Fusion. Talking about this change at HuffPost, he said that he also wants more people to find success regardless of where they’re coming from. He also helps people through his philanthropy. Learn more:

Talk Fusion has a number of apps that it sells in both the United States and internationally. The apps are sold through Talk Fusion Associates who are independent contractors working from their own home-based businesses. Talk Fusion’s apps are now used in over 140 countries around the world. As a video is the most engaging and memorable form of advertising companies are increasingly incorporating it into their online marketing efforts.

Talks Fusion was founded in 2007. In addition to Video Email, there is also Video Conferencing, Sign Ups, and two other apps. Collectively these apps form an all-in-one solution for companies to market their products and services to consumers. Some of the proceeds go back to communities as Talk Fusion supports a number of causes in Florida as well as other places in the world. Learn more: