Richard Mishaan Design, the Ultimate Design Experience

Richard Mishaan Design is a world leader when it comes to interior design and is based in New York where its creator has been creating designs for hospitality, commercial, and residential clients for over twenty-five years. The principal of Richard Mishaan Design has a taste for interior design and architecture that is simply irrefutable. Not only is he a designer but also an author who has written two books.


The Retreat Center


A favorite interior among the Richard Mishaan’s design pieces is the retreat place for the simple reason that the ancient antique of the 15th century is very well blended with modernity. He renovated an otherwise old retreat center (of the 15th century) to bring out an exclusively breathtaking and relaxing piece of work. He began envisioning the house as a combination of antiquity and modernity.


The rooms are organized in a logical progression, thus creating a balance between reason and romance. He has placed objects and furnishings that bring out the original ancient features that include Brazilian wood beams that are 500 years old in the living area!


The heavy wood doors, which are the house’s original, bring out its antiquity. Its hallway has well-plastered walls stained with a pigment of ocher and small golden leaf squares as highlights. The black marbled floor and coffered ceiling with stitching of ebony and ivory inlays against dark wood are reconstructed according to the existing fragments and result in pure elegance on display.


Richard Mishaan Design signature is brought out by the foyer’s haziness and gives way to a vivid, sun-drenched courtyard that has modern day white wall and minimalist detailing. The fountain and pool were as well redesigned, and that produces a calming sound that helps muffle noises from the street.


Richard Mishaan Design Books


In his writings; modern luxury and artfully modern, Mishaan covers all his best works from 2009. He incorporates tips on how to best live in a dwelling of any size. He brings out how all furniture and accessories for decorations with good form could be combined with success regardless of style, price, or period. Though the book is high-end, Mishaan has a more general take than one might guess.